Entry #2

Doomsday Beats!

2014-04-25 11:56:39 by MDavidJohnson

Hey! Its about that time, that I came out with my first beat tape for sell. Basically its just a collection of beats I'm gonna be looking to sell for cheaper than usual, and they all do fit a certain style or feel for the tape. I'll edit this post when its out, hopefully Saturday (tomorrow), and add the link to it and everything. Until then.. enjoy this pretty artwork, done by Chris Harmony!


If you'll notice, it says "Bud Johnson" because thats what I'm going by officially now and forever. I'll also be starting up my blog soon, most-likely on the same day that I drop this album. So be on the look-out! Thanks!


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2014-06-08 09:08:31

“Strike the shepherd and the sheep will scatter”
― Robert Greene, The 48 Laws of Power